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My wife just left to check who it was, and again, just when I thought I had had enough for the night, there stood this mysterious lady I met at the cemetery right in front of my door.

From where I stood I could hardly hear them talk, but their conversation didn’t last long. My wife then invited her in and offered her seat.

“Let me introduce you to my husband” My wife said. I decided to play along and pretended that I had never met this lady before.

Apparently, from the way things were going, I guessed that my wife knew her. Right there and then my wife called me away from her so that we could speak in private.

Baby, I’m sorry, but that’s my friend there, she needs a place to stay for the weekend and I was wondering if we could help her” She said.

There was something so fishy about this, I knew my wife to be the introvert type and her only close friend she had was Emefa, who I suppose was in heaven by now. My wife didn’t keep friends and that’s something I liked about her.

Maybe they were all mutual friends of Emefa, so I didn’t give it much thinking. But I just didn’t like the whole idea. It seemed my wife had already given her the go ahead already.

“I can’t say much for now, but take her to the guest room, it’s late now, I have to go to bed” I said as I quickly went to take my shower after which, I retired to bed.

I couldn’t sleep that night, I stayed awake thinking. Not anything in particular, but one thing was for sure, Emefa crossed my mind every now and then.

I was just tossing in bed, I looked at my wife who was beside me in bed, just to see her peacefully sleeping. It was about 2 am and everywhere was quite. Apparently, it was still raining and the temperature was unusually cold. Gone are the days when Emefa and I as kids would just rush into the rains with our underwear alongside with the other kids from the neighborhood to take our bath.

That thought alone got me smiling. No, this must stop, Emefa is dead and gone, she is no more alive, and I need to move on. Here lies my wife, and am just worrying myself over the dead. I had to do something. I looked at my wife and without thinking twice about it; I planted a deep kiss while she was still asleep.

Her lips began moving, then she eventually began responding, the mood was right, it was raining and the weather was cold. It was just a moment for us to do what married people does. She began breathing faster as the kiss got intense. Then she suddenly turned me over, she came on to top of me now and continued kissing me.

I loved it, I loved everything that was going on. I held her curvy waist as she pressed firm against my g—n. I was so hard now and I knew she could feel it.

Still kissing me, I felt her hand in my boxers, she took my rigid manhood out and pushed it into her, and then she took control.

It was all her now, she kept rocking in circles, in slow motion as she knew what to do to please herself. I liked that about her, my wife was just bad to me. She was on top of her game.

She kept rocking and rocking, eventually speeding up her pace. I knew she was about to climax, so I began to hit her hard from beneath. Her moan grew louder as she finally climaxed.

I was still in her, then she rested her body on me with her head on my chest. Then suddenly, that perfume smell of Emefa came again. I smelled it everywhere.

“Do you smell that? I asked my wife.

“Smell what? Is something burning? She asked. It was obvious from her answer that she didn’t smell anything.

I excused her and went out of the room. The smell was way stronger now, I headed towards the living-room and to my surprise, the mystery girl was awake and was seated comfortably on the sofa.

Though she was seated, she appeared to be very rigid and motionless.


RED APPLE-Episode 2 by Sandra Ozioma +2348168756218

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“I’m sure she misses you too” Someone said right behind me. I turned around only to find this gorgeous looking lady holding a wreath.

I freaked out as soon as I set my eyes on her.

“Sorry if I scared you” She said. My eyes were still stuck on her, as the rain was getting heavier. It was as if we had both forgotten that it was raining.

“What is a lady like you doing in a place like this” I asked. You could tell from my voice how nervous I was.

She only smiled and said. “You are not the only one who has lost somebody” She said and walked towards Emefa’s tomb, there, she laid the wreath she had and stood her there silently watching Emefa’s tomb.

“You knew her? I asked, She nodded. That was surprising to me, because I knew all Emefa’s friend and I don’t remember ever meeting her.

“I never got to meet her in person, we met through a group on facebook”

She said as if she knew what I was thinking. I was now beginning to feel cold so I wanted to leave right that moment. And again, as if she knew what I was thinking she said

“Don’t you think we should get going, the rain isn’t helping” She said and then we both began to leave the cemetery. As if I had enough of the surprises, she took my hand as we both walked towards the parking lot.

“I find it very strange for a married man like you to leave your wife at home, just to pay homage to your lost girlfriend” She said.

Now I thought she had overstepped her limits, we just met and for her to talk about my family which I cherish most was not something that I was going to entertain.

“I’m sorry but can you leave my marriage out of this, besides how did you know I was even married” I asked.

She just laughed at me as if I just made an expensive joke. “Mr, your ring gave you away” She answered.

Yeah she was right, that was how dumb I was.

At this point we had already gotten to the parking lot and before I could get to my car door, I didn’t even see where she passed. She was nowhere to be found. I looked around and there was no trace of her, I began to freak out that I quickly ‘entered the car, turned on the ignition and drove away.

“What a night” I told myself. Though I found myself thinking about Emefa, this mysterious girl who I just met had just freaked me out.

How is it a coincident that the very moment I went to visit Emefa, that was the moment I met this stranger who happened to know Emefa. Well, I didn’t want to think about it too much; I just decided to let it go. I got home to meet my wife and little child Emefa back.

She jumped and hugged me in my soaked outfit. How innocent she was.

My wife came from the kitchen looking very upset. I knew there was something wrong so I tried to find out.

“What seems to be the problem, did my mother get you upset again” I asked. She looked at me and even from her look I could tell that, whatever the problem was, it had nothing to do with my mother.

“So Selorm, tell me, what could be the reason for this, where are you coming from at this time of the night, and to top it, it’s even raining” She said.

Yeah that’s my wife for you. She is the nagging type; well I guess that’s generic in every lady but hers was just different. Emefa was alive when we began dating though; she was actually Emefa’s roommate back in school. She hooked her up with me even though I didn’t love her. The only reason I went out with her was to make Emefa happy because she felt that I was the only person who wouldn’t break her friend’s heart after her numerous heart breaks.

I decided to play along till our day of marriage. To my surprise Emefa, didn’t make it to my wedding and her excuse was just a flimsy one. I noticed that there was a distance between Emefa and my wife. They were not relating to each other like they used to.

Before I could find out the reason behind it, death had already taken Emefa. It was too late.

Now, my wife’s question was still pending and before I could answer her, there came a knock on the door. My wife just left to check who it was, and again, just when I thought I had had enough for the night, there stood this mysterious lady I met at the cemetery right in front of my door.



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I finally kept away my fears and prepared soup and stew for him. Mike however stayed with me in the kitchen, cracking silly jokes as I cooked.

At exactly 6pm, after I was done cooking and resting, I rose up to leave,

“I have to start going” I said to a surprised Mike, who quickly drew close and held me.

“Why the rush? I thought you are spending the night here? Tomorrow is still sunday” he murmured pleadingly,

“I know but I just don’t want to spend the night here” I replied with a frown. But before he could insist, someone knocked on his door.

“Who could it be?” he asked. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

“Who are you asking eeh?” I asked him. He smiled, walked to the door and opened it.

I felt a funny sensat!on as soon as he got to his door which made me walk up to him. I got beside him and stared at the door way, there stood stella standing with her baby in her arms.

I froze with surprise and shock, while the girl stared at me coldly.

“I never knew you are still around” she said to me coldly. I breathed deeply, forcing out a smile..

“Oh yea, I’m still here” I replied, grabbed Mike by the waist and rested my weight on him. She shifted her gaze to Mike who was yet to mutter any word.

“Too bad because I have no where to spend the night and my little daughter is hungry” She added seriously. Mike instantly looked at me while I shrugged. I knew the unfortunate girl was out to make trouble, but I wasn’t in the mood to oblige her, moreover every decision was on Mike to make.

“Won’t you guys let me in?” she asked curiously. I rolled my eyes, bit my lips and returned to my chair. She shoved Mike aside, and entered the sitting room, using her baby as a shield.

I stared at the young girl speechlessly, clueless on how to follow her up, while Mike walked up to her with a drawn face.

“I don’t know your plans, but you are not spending the night in this apartment” he said to her. But she simply scoffed and smiled.

“May God protect you from yourself, you are now decieving this young girl the way you decieved me. Anyway come and carry me out if you can, I’m ready for you” she dared him bravely. But unfortunately her eyes betrayed her with tears..

“Stop being obnoxious and uncivil, it isn’t going to get you anywhere” I advised her with a frown.

“Stay out of this, it’s none of your business” she fired back furiously.

“It’s my business dear, because I forced him to invite you” I replied.

She scoffed, dropped her child on the floor and advanced towards me.

“You want to make it your business right? So shall it be” she threatened murderously, while I shook with fright. It was very obvious she was extremely angry and dangerous. Judging by how furious she was, I knew I was no match to her.

Mike instantly came forward, grabbed her from behind and dragged her towards the door. She shoved and resisted but Mike’s grip was stronger. With a last minute ferocious move, she levelled her two legs against the wall {as soon as Mike got her to the door}, using the wall as leverage to send him backwards.

Mike staggered backwards loosening his grip a little, which gave the angry girl an opportunity to bite his hands without mercy.

He screamed with surprise as he felt her bite, flunging her away from his body, before descending on her with two slaps, which brought out a loud scream from the fighting girl. But instead of backing out, she launched yet another attack, diving forward with intention of jerking him through the mid section. A very silly move which earned her a knock out punch from an angry Mike..

She fell backwards, grabbing her jaw as tears freely flowed down her eyes. Her little baby began crying that moment, moving my fragile heart and getting me more confused, as I contemplated on going for the child or not.

Mike advanced towards her again to render more finishing blows, but I sprang up and held him.

“I will have none of this Mike, what has gotten into you?” I asked nervously.

“I’m merely defending myself from this witch, don’t you see she could have easily taken me out?” he answered angrily.

“You laid your hands on me Micheal? You guys don’t know me yet, I will be back shortly” The angry girl threatened and left the house, leaving her baby behind.

A cold shiver instantly ran down my spine.

“What’s she up to?” I wondered fearfully. I knew Mike also asked himself the same question..

“What do we do dear, what do we do?” I nervously asked as I picked up the crying child.

“I don’t know my dear, I guess we have to wait for her to come for the child, hope you ain’t planning on leaving me here alone?” he asked fearfully.

“Of course not, how do you think I will leave this child with you” I answered. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Anxiously we waited for Stella to show up, the clock soon struck 7:00pm, but she was yet to return. 8:00pm I got very worried and anxious.

“What if she isn’t coming for her baby?” I asked Mike who simply shrugged with confusion.

“There is no way she could have left for the village by that hour, I have a feeling she’s at her brother’s apartment. Her elder brother is a police A.S.P, a graduate in police uniform” he explained lightly. I simply stared at him, extremely shaken and confused.

“I think I still remember the house address the brother once gave me when I was settling her case with the family, I will return the child first thing tomorrow” he added with a blank expression.

“Seriously Mike, how did you get yourself involved with such obnoxious girl eeh?” I asked curiously.

He silently scratched his head and shrugged..

“It’s a long story my dear. A very terrible mistake which is slowly eating me up like cancer” he muttered weakly, collasped on a chair and sighed.

My stomach growled and bit, I was very hungry but had no appetite whatsoever to eat. I knew Mike equally felt the same way.

Exactly 8:38pm, we heard gentle knocks on the entrance door. Mike breathed deeply, stood up and opened his door. I instantly gasped as I saw him leap backwards, while two uniformed policemen jumped into the room, grabbing his trouser {by the waist}, another guy on mufti gently walked in with Stella by his side.

“There she is” I heard Stella say, pointing at me, “She’s the lady that orchestrated the whole plan to steal my child” she said to the policemen.

My heart instantly skipped five beats, I felt like disappearing that moment.

“What’s happening, how dare you guys barge into my house to intimidate me, I know my rights” Mike yelled.

“Then you have to start calling your lawyers, because you are in for a very big case”, “Assault and battery, attempted murder and child theft, my friend you ain’t getting easily away this time. You can’t humiliate my younger sister and get away with it whatever be her fault” The guy on mulfi barked angrily, while the two policemen, dragged us into a waiting police Van.

My first visit to Mike’s apartment was a big disaster, it earned me a night at the police station..


RED APPLE-Episode1 by Sandra Ozioma +2348168756218

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Red Apple Episode 1

When am I ready to date? I asked my mother. “Get your own car and house, then you can come and talk to me about dating”

She answered. As much as she was making sense, I gathered that, my father got her pregnant during her high school days. They were both young and it was obvious that they were living under the care of their parents, so I wondered why she kept telling me that.

Well, there was this girl in my life, everyone knew about her though, Emefa was her name. We actually grew up together, the same school, the same neighborhood and even the same church. There was no way that I would tell you about my childhood days without mentioning Emefa. She was part of my past and virtually part of me.

People thought she was my sister and believe you me; I started believing in that even though I knew we were never related in any way.

Now, this is the problem. I can’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone, because, I always put Emefa first.

Oh sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Selorm and I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now. That was just by the way, where was I anyway…

Talking about being in relationship, I don’t know if I actually have feelings for Emefa or something. I have never felt like kissing her or even touching her. I just feel comfortable around her. We talk to each other every day, there is nothing going on her life that I don’t even know about. I’m the first and last person she talks to when she wakes up and goes to sleep respectively. I knew her inside out and excuse me to say I even knew her favorite underwear. That was how close she was to me.

Our closeness could be related to that of lovers as well as family. You probably might think that we were some sought of friends with benefits. Yeah you are right, we both benefitted from each others comfort, time, and everything else apart from sex.

Even before Emefa would get close to me, I could tell her presence from a distance…I can go on and on. Well, I had my own car now, my own house, with a lovely daughter whom I named her after Emefa. My wife was currently away with the kids at my mother’s place.

I should have been missing my wife now but the thought of Emefa was all over my mind. I missed her; I miss missed the moments we shared together. How long has it been, just a year but even though she wasn’t here at the moment, I could still feel her presence.

Hmm, I kept asking myself, Why I’m still thinking about her even after I got married? Was it that she and I were meant to be or something?

I remember there was this occasion that she came to my end. Both our parents were at work so we had the house to ourselves.

We decided to do an experiment on Titi, my pet. It was a dog though, we ended up giving Titi an alcoholic wine, after some few minutes, all Titi could do was just ran around the house barking at anything it’s saw. We were just so scared that we stayed indoors till Titi fell into a deep sleep.

Today is 14th February, a very special day, a valentine day which doubled as Emefa’s birthday. The more I thought of her absence the more I drunk wine just to take away the memories. Just last night, when I was making love to my wife, I found myself thinking of her again. Was I that stupid or something?

I just couldn’t take it anymore, today was her birthday, I needed to see her, I needed to tell her how much I missed her, I needed to tell her how much I wish she was with me. As tipsy as I was, I got into my car and drove off in haste.

Strangely enough, I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or something, I could feel her presence even as I was driving, I could smell her perfume all over.

I began driving fast, not even observing any traffic rules, I just drove my way through. Driving close to 50km per hour. It began raining and the road became very slippery. Thank God I had safely arrived already. There she was and here I stood, standing right beside her Epitaph in this cemetery, with my body soaked in this rain.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stood beside her tomb. How could she have left me like that? She was healthy, strong and ever since she died, there has never been a single day in my life that I have been happy.

I needed her back, I needed her. Even after a year, I still couldn’t accept that she was dead. I knelt down, and touched the tomb. “I miss you Emefa” I said.

“I’m sure she misses you too” Someone said right behind me. I turned around only to find this gorgeous looking lady…



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Mum ran into my room few minutes later, with concern written all over her face.

“Hope you weren’t hard on him?” she curiously asked, while I picked my nose.

“The poor boy is in bad shape, looking very troubled and sad in the sitting room. Tell me, what did you say to him?” she inquired seriously.

“I only asked to see his daughter before deciding anything, but he suddenly grew very intense and annoying. Imagine the boldness” I complained to Mum, who calmly sat beside me, held my left hand and smiled at me.

“You should have been more understanding and diplomatic with your request. Go talk to him dear, I believe you guys can sort things out or are you changing your mind about him already?” She asked. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her.

“Oh mum don’t ask me that question, but the truth is that I can’t help but feel for the child and her mother. I can’t imagine what he told the poor girl before doing the deed which got her pregnant” I explained.

“You are right my dear” she said with a nod, “You are always very considerate of other people’s feelings” she said softly. I smiled,

“But Mike just accused me of being selfish and insensitve” I murmured,

“Oh please, go and settle with him jare” she stood up and dragged me to the sitting room, where Mike sat with a drawn face. I quietly sat on his laps, mum smiled and left us alone..

“I’m very sorry for being rude, I never intended to disrespect you nor hurt your feelings, but as your future wife it’s my duty to know everything about you and I believe I have every right to know your daughter and her mother, please don’t deny that to me, I beg of you”

I pleaded calmly with all my heart. He looked away thoughfully, breathed deeply and stared into my eyes.

“Alright your wish will be granted, you leave me with no choice than to make it happen, but I do have a very bad feeling about it” he said with a forced smile, while I heaved a sigh of relief.

“I will invite her to my apartment in town on saturday, but I will be here on friday evening to pick you up” He added.

“No dear, I’ll prefer you come on saturday morning so I can bring my school things along” I requested humbly.

“Alright I will be here very early on saturday” he accepted with a dry smile.


“It wasn’t that hard after all, was it?” mum asked with a smile as soon as he left. I rolled my eyes and ran to the kitchen without answering her, praying silently that things work out between Mike and I, because with the direction things were heading, I really was a bit scared of my future with him.

Nervously, I waited for Saturday which slowly approached like a snail. I woke up that fateful day with a huge boil under my armpit.

Creepy isn’t it?

Saturday Morning

Mike showed up by 7:30am, beeming with smiles as he walked into our house.

“Please don’t be too hard on him or to yourself my dear. Behave like a good girl which you are, okay!” “I will be expecting you next weekend” Mum adviced as she kissed me goodbye.

I finally left our house that fateful saturday morning with Mike, who had a new aura of self confidence in him. Silently he drove to the capital, while my thoughts kept me company as I thought about school, my future, my life and even about Benjamin.

“Who knows how he is?” I wondered with mixed feelings.

He silently drove without bringing up any conversation, till we got to my lodge{hostel}, an hour and half later.

“This place surely brings back memories” he murmured with a smile as he killed the car engine.

“Surely it does” I responded before alighting. He dutifully helped me carry up my luggages and organize my room. Fifteen minutes later, we headed to his apartment which was just few kilometres away from my lodge. It really was the first time I was visiting his apartment, and even though he wasn’t a stranger to me, I still felt a bit nervous, which made him stare at me curiously, as soon as we arrived.

“My dear why do you look so intense?” he asked with a smile,

“Because it’s the first time I’m visiting a place you rented with your money” I replied with a smile. He scratched his head and laughed..

“So my family house you visited months ago isn’t mine abi?” he joked. I smiled silently.

His three bedroom { kitchen} apartment really was very simple and a bit scanty, perhaps because he was yet to save enough money for adequate furnishing. The chairs in the sitting room were plastic chairs, however a plasma screen television, sound system and some simple gadgets adorned it.

My heart skipped five beats when I got to his kitchen and saw lots of dirty dishes pilled up in a big basin, waiting to be washed. I had no choice than to get to work immediately, even though he weakly objected.

“I’m the happiest man in the world right now, you are so lovely, so beautiful, so enchanting, I will forever worship you” he kept singing, with hands in his trouser pocket as I did the dishes.

“When is she coming?” I asked after a while, interrupting his praises. He glanced at his watch and shrugged.

“She should be here by now, she promised to show up before 11am, now is past twelve” he replied.

“Hope you didn’t trick me into coming to your house?” I asked suspiciously.

“Of course not” he answered innocently.


At exactly 2pm his phone rang.

“She’s at the door” he said to me after answering the phone call, rushed to the entrance door and opened it. My eyes followed him expectantly, while my heart pounded very fast.

A young girl soon walked into the sitting room carrying a child with her. She froze as our eyes met, while my heart melted with pity.

She looked so young and beautiful, but was wrapped up in sadness..

“I’m so glad you came” Mike said to her with a quick smile. She nodded and stared at me suspiciously.

“Meet my fiancee Cyndii” he introduced me to her.

“Cyndii meet Stella the mother of my daughter” he said to me.

I rose up politely, reached out and made to carry her baby, but she drew back and stared at me murderously.

Tears quickly formed in her eyes, while her lips shook.

“What? Jeez I can’t believe my ears, your what?” she asked Mike, who instantly looked away, placing his right hand on his head.

“You are his fiancee eeh?” she asked, facing me angrily.

“Yea and I asked him to invite you so we could straighten things out” I murmured nervously.

“Straighten what?? You must be mad if you think you can involve me in your little prank. He abandoned his responsibility for your sake and you are now here playing the saint. I’m not a fool sis. I’m not” she sobbed.

“Calm down dear, I have your interest at heart, sit down let’s talk please” I begged.

“I can’t calm down, and I can’t stand this scene either. I’m leaving this moment, but I assure you that I will be back. Go ahead be his fiancee, enjoy yourself” she poured out with tears, before running out of the sitting room with her child. Her action and tears really touched my spirit, but I equally was a bit angry at her for not calming down and listening to me..

“You have now seen for yourself what I have been avoiding. I knew it wasn’t a good idea getting you to meet her. You see?” Mike murmured bitterly, while I looked up at him searchingly.

“Now what do you think?” he asked,

“I don’t just know, but I’m having a very bad feeling right now” I replied calmly. He quickly drew close and held me.

“I think it’s better we get married before Easter. Let’s move our wedding forward, I can start making the necessary arrangments instantly” he proposed nervously. I breathed deeply, raising my eyebrows.

“I think it’s better we shift it farther, perhaps move it to december” I said thoughtfully, while he gasped with disbelief, “or maybe till we settle issues with her” I added cautiously.

“What’s there to settle with her eeh?” he asked sadly.

“Alot my dear, alot, because I don’t believe she will just sit calmly and watch us get married” I replied with a quick smile. He quietly sat on the floor, looking dejected and sad like a man who just lost a big fortune.

Even though I appeared calm and relaxed, I was equally far from being pleased with the direction I feared our relationship was heading.

I felt like visiting a fortune teller that moment..



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With a whimper of relief he smiled at me. His face was absolutely ashen, his lips white, as he pulled me savagely into his arms, folding me into the safety of his body, cradling my head, then cupping my face in his hands and tilting it upwards.

His eyes moved feverishly over my face as if he wanted to reassure himself I was really there.

“Thank God” he murmured as he bent his head, pressing his lips to my hair.

“I thought I’d lost you again” he confessed.

“But what kept you away for so long?” I asked curiously.

“It was my pride my dear, it ate me up like a terminal disease, but I eventually overcame it and came running with my parents. How do I make up for my complete and utter crassness?” he asked remorsefully. I looked away.

“I got this for you……” He said, as he let go of me for a moment, pulling out something from his pocket, “now I want to do it properly, before anything else happens to come between us” he smiled as he held out his hand. In the centre of his palm lay a gold ring.

‘Cyndii—‘ he pulled me gently back into his arms, kissed my cheekbone, my temple, and the corner of my mouth. ‘I love you—‘ he murmured.

I closed my eyes in bliss and felt the tears spilling out from beneath my lashes. Protesting against the sudden constriction of our bodies pressed together..

I will forever love you, cherish you–”

He broke off, raising my hand to his lips and placing a kiss on the tip of my index finger.

“Comfort you, protect you…..”

He kissed my middle finger.

“Honour you and make endless fantastic love with you for all the days of my life.”

Holding up my third finger, he slid the ring onto it.

“if you will have me” He prayed.

Through a shimmering veil of tears, I gave a soft laugh…….

I was so happy, and so thrilled, because all my dreams were coming to past. What else could I wish for?

Together we walked into the sitting room to break the joyful news to our dear old parents.

Mike made the necessary first payment {which showed that he has reached an agreement with my family}, just like our custom demanded, before collecting the list of items required for our traditional marriage, promising to show up three weeks later for the first stage of Introduction{presenting himself to my kinsmen}..

Unluckily it never happened as we planned.

Precisely two weeks later, I got a very terrible news which almost killed me.

Hmmmm it truly wasn’t the kind of news I was expecting at that stage of my life, neither is it the kind of news you guys are eager to read.

/Whatever/The following January brought unhappiness to my life..

4:00pm,10th January

Mum walked into the sitting room, with a heavily coloured and drawn face. My heart leapt as I noticed her condition.

“Mum! are you alright?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t mind me jare, I just recieved a very terrible news from a relative” she replied and walked to her room. I nervously ran after her.

“Just let me be dear, your dad will be in a better position to break the news to you” she begged when she saw me enter her room. Her words panicked and got me more curious, instead of calming me like she expected.

“Mum you are now getting me more worried” I held her hands, staring into her eyes. My heart pounded furiously as I wondered what could make her look so sick and nervous.

“Mum I insist you tell me, please” I begged and shook her hands.

“Alright fetch me a glass of water, I’m very thirsty” she ordered. I ran to the kitchen, filled a glass cup with water and ran back to her room.

She smiled reassuringly after drinking the water, breathed heavily and caressed my hair, “I will tell you the news I just got, my dear. It really isn’t terrible like I earlier said, but just a bit surprising. So promise me you will behave like a proper lady when I open up to you” she asked of me.

“I promise I will behave mum” I managed to mutter anxiously.

“Mike has a child, do you know?” She broke the news to me like a question. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Which Mike ?” I asked fearfully.

“Your Mike of course” she replied, “we had to ask around, in order to get first hand information about the family we are giving out our daughter to, and ended up getting this piece of information from a relative married in his Village” she explained, while I bit my lips as sadness, disbelief and pain instantly filled my heart.

Mum clearly understood my condition, drew my head to her chest and patted me like a baby.

“You shouldn’t feel very bad, you can still go ahead with the marriage if you love him well enough to overlook the little hinderance. The child is a girl and I heard the parents never accepted both the little girl and her mother” she consoled me.

“Mum please don’t talk like that” I cried, “how did it even happen?” I heard myself asking.

“According to my source, she said he got the girl pregnant before going for his Nysc. That should make the child a year or more, I guess” she replied. I felt empty, sad and weak.

“No wonder he was very anxious to marry me quickly and his mum even hid it from me” I cried bitterly. …

I FELT PLAYED AND BETRAYED, very uncertain of my future with him..

The next evening, Mike was in our house as if someone alerted him of what we discovered. He came straight to my room, sat on the bed and stared at me nervously. I sat up and stared back at him with a ferocious look, breathing heavily as I tried so hard to control my emotions.

“Dearie please calm down, the love I have for you is very sincere, listen to me darling, please listen to me” he pleaded nervously.

“You are just a heartless con artist. You thought you could hide such a big scandal from me didn’t you? or have you cooked up another lie, common spin it out” I said angrily. He shuddered as my words hit him hard, forcing him to look down remorsefully.

“I couldn’t get myself to tell you about it because I was very scared of your reaction, I couldn’t risk losing you over a silly mistake” he murmured earnestly, “the girl was a mistake and I have nothing to do with the mother anymore, please believe me. It was only a one night stand I regret ever doing, please don’t judge me over it. Judge me for who I’m and not for who I was please” he begged.

“I want to see the little girl and her mother. I want to see them before I say anything else to you” I requested seriously. His hands shook as he tried to hold my waist, he breathed deeply and stared at me curiously..

“Don’t tell me you are already changing your mind /over us/?” he asked with a coloured face. I scoffed and looked away.

“I’m not happy with you and I have nothing else to say till I see your little daughter and her mum” I concluded bitterly.

“This is so unfair Cyndii, why do you insist on seeing them? I can’t let you see them, I just can’t” he murmured sadly, while I forced out a dry smile.

I demanded to see the girl and her mother because I wanted to get first hand information, concerning the level of relationship they enjoy with him. Moreover I really couldn’t bear standing between anyone’s happiness especially when a child is involved. I hate seeing a child grow up without a father. I know to some people it matters not, but to me it matters alot.

“What you are asking of me is very outrageous, I can’t do it. Moreover they are not living with me and I can’t take you to her house” he explained seriously.

“Then invite her to yours or somewhere condusive for us to meet” I insisted.

“Meet over what?”, “and what exactly do you expect me to tell her huh?, that my fiancee wants to see her, you are very insensitive to another person’s plight, you only think about yourself which isn’t good.” “I understood and was reasonable with you when you were virtually living with Benjamin, why can’t you respect my feelings?, infact I can’t stand you this evening, i’m leaving” he poured out angrily, stood up and left the room, while I silently reflected over his words.

“Oh my God, he just accused me of being insensitive and selfish. Is he right?” I gasped and wondered..



Read Episode 24 here…

“So how far?” he anxiously asked.

“I haven’t been able to decide anything” I murmured with a fast pounding heart.

“Common don’t tell me that. Have you forgotten I gave you only two weeks to decide, why are you behaving like this?” he curiously asked.

“Mike I’ll give you an answer at the end of this semester, please allow me to focus on my studies, I can’t be thinking of your proposal when I have exams to prepare” I poured out.

“I really don’t know the kind of game you are playing, seriously I don’t” he complained.

“So what’s so hard for you to wait an extra month for me to decide?” I asked.

“Because I don’t understand you and I fear I may end up killing my time for nothing” he replied.

“If you truly love me, you will be willing to take the risk” I spoke defiantly. He breathed deeply, grabbed my left hand and stared into my eyes.

“Tell me the truth, what’s happening please?” he pleaded. My lips quivered, while my bright eyes grew dim under his manly grasp.

“But for one thing, I would have said yes this instant, and gone with you to the very end of the world” I confessed.

“But what is it, Cyndii?” he asked, “what is it, my darling?”




“I cannot leave him, Mike– I cannot leave Benjamin by this hour, he’s preparing for his degree exams please be considerate. Yes I’m with him, but it’s more of a friendship thing, because there is no sexual intercourse between us anymore, but you don’t have to believe me” I explained. “It is the only atonement I can offer him, I owe Benjamin this reparation for the evil I have done him and I must make it till he completes his degree exams, after which I will give you the answer you so much desire” I added.

He drew nearer and kissed my trembling lips “alright I understand” he murmured coldly.

“Speak to me Mike, it’s hard, I know but tell me that I’m doing the right thing” I begged. He looked down and shook his head.

“You are cruelly doing the right thing” he murmured and switched on his car engine.

“I have to get going, I really can’t stand this anymore” he quietly added.

I stared at him inquisitively but couldn’t say any word to him.

I quietly alighted from his car while he furiously drove away without even bothering to give me a goodbye smile.

It really was a very painful parting and I couldn’t help but wonder if he will ever return for me…





I cried in my room as I thought over Mike’s behaviour.

“Have I lost him forever?” did I miscalculate by pushing my luck to the extreme? I wondered with tears.

I however devoted my time in being by Benjamin’s side as his degree exams slowly drew near, equally pushing my fears and sorrows to the back of my mind.

In no time I got used to my new way of living, hiding my fears with smiles, and taking life as I saw it. Benjamin equally never gave me cause to worry, he never brought up any topic that would hurt my feelings nor even mentioned Mike’s name. He truly was the ideal guy for any woman but he wasn’t destined for me. I felt nothing but commitment, compassion and little respect for him.

Finally the exams came and went with the speed of light. Benjamin was finally a graduate. I really can’t forget the night he graduated, how happy and overjoyed he was and the miserable look on his face as he begged for sex after the celebration.

He had insisted I spend the night in his room when we returned from the party his department organised. I agreed just to make him happy, but when he began touching me later in the night, I felt nothing but anger and irritation. I had to push him roughly away from me..






“I have waited so long for this moment, why are you denying me your body, are you upset over something?” he asked anxiously.

“I’m menstruating, just sleep and let me be please” I replied a bit coldly, but he wasn’t convinced.

“It isn’t fair dear, why are you like this?” he begged.

“Seriously Ben I do appreciate your love, care and everything, but this night is going to be our last together, I have tried to develop more feelings for you but was unable to. Moreover I know your mum no longer likes me, so please tonight is our last” I plainly poured out to a visibly surprised Benjamin. He gasped, left the bed and slept on the rug without saying another word to me.

The next morning I left his room before he woke up. Though what I did touched me, I was very glad I did it because I really couldn’t guarantee my happiness with him.

He however never did speak to me again.

He moved{packed} out of the hostel days later without bothering to notify me. I was a bit distressed because I really never wanted things to end that way between us and would have wanted for us to remain good friends.

Finally, I anxiously began waiting for Mike who never showed up nor called on phone. I soon wrote my second semester exams and travelled home for christmas months later.

Three months I waited for Mike, but not even a single phone call did I get from him. I lost hope, but for my pride I would have called him myself.

Perhaps he wasn’t in my destiny either..







December 22nd

I was cooking at the backyard when mum ran into the kitchen very excited and full of smiles.

“Guess who just visited us?” she asked happily,

“I can’t guess mum, pls tell me” I begged.

“Mike came with his parents, they are in the sitting room with your father” she said to me. I quickly dropped the kitchen spoon I was holding, without minding where it fell nor the rough clothes I was wearing and ran into the sitting room where dad sat with Mike and his parents.

I greeted and welcomed them happily, my heart pounding furiously. Mike stared at me with a smile, understanding the girlish shyness and sweet fear that had changed me into a timid girl. He stood up without wasting time.

“Cyndii please I have something to tell you” he calmly said to me. My face instantly flushed at his words, eyes drooping with shy, sweet happiness.

“Let’s go outside dear” he begged. I breathed deeply, looked at my dad who nodded in approval, shrugged and left the room with him.

“I have borne my impatience and pride for the last three months,” he said when we got to a lonely part of our compound; “but I now must speak to you, for I can bear it no longer, Cyndii. Oh, do not turn away from me! I can’t hold my pride anymore, I love you, and I want you to be my wife– my wife, darling; and I will love you– I will cherish you– I will spend my whole life in working for you, I have no hope so great, so sweet, so dear, as the hope of winning you.” he poured out.

I made no answer. Yet my silence was more eloquent than words..







“It seems a strange thing to say, but, Cyndii all the time I was away, my heart was really with you” he confessed. I listened with a happy smile playing round my lips, my eyes drooping, while my face flushed and turned from his.

“You are my fate, my destiny!, if only you will say yes to me. Your love would incite me to win name and fame, not for myself but for you. Your love would crown a king. I beg of you, say yes to me this instant. Surely great love wins great love and there could be no greater love than mine” he begged desperately.

It was at this stage that our eyes met. The next moment he clasped me to his heart, pouring out a torrent of passionate words– such words, so tender, so loving, so full of passion and hope, that my face grew pale as I trembled and listened.

“It’s love that makes life. Only to think, my darling, that you and I may spend every hour of it together. Just say yes to me and by Easter we will get married” he proposed.

I raised my eyes to the fair, calm heavens, and infinite happiness filled my soul, a deep, silent prayer ascended unspoken from my heart.

“Yes Mike I accept you” I finally opened up with tears.

He smiled happily as we hugged each other, but deep down I still felt an uncertain fear..


Love indeed is a beautiful thing. What do you think about the story so far?